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Multi-Use Tie Flowers - Bohemian Terracotta

Our multi-use tie flowers are an excellent option for adding flowers in those small spaces with a significant impact.  Some of these places include: 

  • Pew flowers
  • Chair flowers for the sweetheart table seating
  • Chair flowers as aisle markers
  • Welcome signage
  • Door flowers
  • Flowers for various risers
  • Arch flowers

The Multi-Use Tie Flowers from the Bohemian Terracotta collection features beautiful large red, orange, yellow, and white roses.  It also features lush foliage of various types of eucalyptus and miscellaneous foliage.  The finishing of this piece includes a beautiful burgundy satin finish ribbon.  

For optimal use of your multi-use flowers, we recommend reusing them for different parts of your wedding or event.  For example, use your flowers during your ceremony, and again during your reception.  They won’t fall apart or wilt during transport and will be ready for their close-up in photos and in person!

Measurements: Length: 28 inches.  The widest part of the arrangement measures approximately 10 inches.  

Color *Required
Bohemian Terracotta



We recommend finalizing your order 3-6 months before your wedding date best results.