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Bridal Bouquet - Bohemian Terracotta

As the Bohemian Terracotta collection’s headliner, this bouquet is full of life and perfectly complements your grand entrance.  


  • Height: 20 inches 
  • Width: 16 inches

Key Flowers:

  • Orange king protea
  • Burgundy king protea
  • Large red, orange, and peach roses
  • Reflexed ombre blood orange roses
  • Orange calla lilies
  • Orange and yellow ranunculus
  • Orange pincushion protea

Accent Flowers

  • Red dancing lady orchid
  • Yellow baby’s breath
  • Red berries
  • Miscellaneous filler flowers


  • Areca Palm
  • Eucalyptus
  • Miscellaneous foliages


  • We wrap the handle of the bouquet with a rich burgundy ribbon. 
  • The finishing touches on the handle feature a mixture of beautiful frayed ribbon in crimson red, champagne, and soft coral colors.

NOTES: The colors may vary based on the device and browser used to view our website.  Flowers can slightly bend during transportation; this can easily be fixed by simply turning it back in place. 

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Bohemian Terracotta



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